We are a group of Specialists and Proposers
President Hiromi UEYAMA

USC Limited (formally named as United Specialties Company = A group of Specialists with profound knowledge) was founded in 1947.

We have a variety of long selling products with many loyal customers. At the same time, thanks to the tremendous support from our customers, we continue to produce and introduce new products to the market.

Industries and business styles are changing rapidly, experiencing integration among companies, enormous amount of online information, borderless global business. The society demands “speed and analysis of information”.

We analyze such overflowing information, and pick up the information that suits our customers’ needs. Then, we propose the high quality products and service available.

As a manufacturer and a trading company of petrochemical products, we distribute car care and chemical products such as our ZOOM POWER brand, cutting-edge products such as functional parts for automobiles, foods, animal feeds, and industrial products. We have a distribution network nationwide.

We look forward to continuing to provide services to our customers. We keep going forward toward the future.